Prepaid Medicine

For many people, health is one of the main points in his life, therefore always seek the best conditions of care to maintain protection on health of the highest quality, which means having to please a service of optimum efficiency of best aspects for the prevention or treatment of different diseases, for which many people have joined the so-called prepaid medicine, which thanks to the quality of the provision of services that are accessed to these health plans, has become the model of care medical more complete and therefore the most suitable to count with an excellent health based on prepaid medicine and the advantages that can be obtained with this. No doubt prepaid medicine is the best thing you can have in favour of health in terms of attention in prevention and care, both so prepaid medicine is considered to be the elite of health systems, however get something so excellent conditions also means a greater economic contribution, i.e., services that emerge from the Health prepaid, have a higher cost relative to other systems of health, one way or another the prepaid medicine aimed at greater economic resources persons. Among some of the main features that lie within the system of prepaid medicine, stand out: medicine prepaid is not based on programs and principles of solidarity, as it happens with other systems, but the prepaid medicine is based on the idea that each who receives particular attention according to the contribution you make, so each who can perform a care plan on health according to their needs and conditions. By the conditions of provision of service in health of prepaid medicine, from a legal point of view is not a social security system, but rather an assurance contract, what makes that the degree of intervention and protection can agree, therefore users determine the level of coverage and benefits, both for a single person or a family group the services provided on prepaid medicine They vary according to the amounts that are made and the risk medical coverage is desired, what can present some drawbacks, as for the realization of the contract of insurance a full examination is done first physician, along with an assessment of history medical, this with the idea of knowing whether or not the affiliation is feasible according to the level of costs that would mean the attention of that person. Prepaid medicine companies handle 2 forms of operation, one is that is has a contract for services with a considerable number of clinics and hospitals, i.e. different hospitals can provide the service, which means great coverage, not being tied to a single point of attention; the other way is that the subcontractor of prepaid medicine has its own care centres network.