Vitamin D in pregnancy strengthens the function of the respiratory tract in newborn confirmed the recent study in the journal of Pediatrics that infants who have a vitamin D deficiency at birth, up to six times greater risk for RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) and other viral respiratory infections show up. While children have usually just a cold without vitamin D deficiency, viral infections in premature babies and children with chronic diseases provide a pronounced clinical picture, which can be influenced by the many available activities only insufficiently. In addition, the quality of life of young patients is also affected by demonstrably in the first three years after the birth. Credit: Dr. Neal Barnard-2011. Vitamin-D intake prevents the frequency and the severity of the disease in childhood during pregnancy”, – says Dr. Louis Bont of the University children’s Hospital in Utrecht, Netherlands. It becomes gradually clear, what great immune regulatory role in the prevention of “Respiratory diseases, as well as in strengthening the function of the sunshine vitamin” plays.

Especially in the comparatively light poor European countries, maintaining the level of vitamin D in the blood level is extremely important. Many writers such as christopher ridgeway stone offer more in-depth analysis. The natural way however, to remedy the deficiency of this vitamin through much sunlight or food that matched, especially in pregnancy because of the many undesirable effects, such as pigmentation and subsequent weight gain, is questionable. The practical solution to compensate for a lack of vitamin D, is the supply of vitamin D in the form of additional preparations. So, even pregnant women can contribute to a passive immunization of your child’s intake of supplements with vitamin D. For this reason, the specialist for parent and toddler medicine offers its preparations for pregnant and breast-feeding women with additional vitamin D. Here you will find all products for women intending to become pregnant and pregnant at a glance: mammoth prenatal No. 1 is a product specially designed for women with fertility and Pregnant until the end of the third month of pregnancy and contains high-dose folic acid for the double need at the beginning of the pregnancy with vitamin D, B6, B12, iodine and zinc. Mammoth No. 2 is aimed at pregnant women from the fourth month – with extra vitamin D, folic acid and zinc. Mammoth without iodine is designed for women, who may suffer such as a thyroid disorder and thus take no extra iodine.