Plastic Surgery

Most often, the decision to change his appearance through plastic surgery is not given for one day. And rightly so. Each must decide for yourself – how important is this or that operation. How does it affect the future life, – career, personal, intimate relationships, communication. For simplicity, the decision can use the simple way: A piece of paper. On one half we write, what advantages chosen plastic surgery and what the downsides.

For example, woman wants to change the shape or volume of the breast. In the language of surgery is called a mammoplasty. This example is taken from the diary of one woman (the patient's well-known plastic surgery clinic), which was dissatisfied with small size of their breasts. This list is compiled by its look and feel to meet with a specialist. Plus (+) Minus (-) I will be glad to look at yourself in the mirror. Inside I will have a foreign body. I shall stop from complexes during sex, and will receive maximum pleasure. I lost a few days to stay in the hospital.

I will be able to wear things that had long dreamed of. Suddenly, the ugly scars remain. I will be able to breastfeed after surgery, like everyone else. Suddenly I do not like the result. This will help me feel confident on the beach. I'm not going to strain to intimacy, and anxiously looking at the facial expression of my men. I am proud and loud will ask sellers underwear bra 3 sizes.