Plastic Card Printers

Plastic card printers – description, functions and applications of plastic card printers / card printer a plastic card printer is an electronic printer for the printing of plastic cards (debit cards) that are usually standardized to ISO 7816 as ID-1 85,60 53,98 mm. You are controlled laser printer printer drivers or using language as default. Depending on your needs, this printer can be monochrome (1-color, black, white, gold, etc.) or full color print (YMCK). The use of a plastic card printer is as simple as that of a laser printer. You can out from any application (Word, Photoshop, Corel, etc.) directly via the printer driver on the plastic card printer access. Depending on the amount of pressure and use there card printer with an automatic or manual card feeder, manually for individual pressure, automatically for the mail merge. Hardly is limits options for plastic card printer by simple turning stations up to the contact-based and contactless encoding the optional extension of a plastic card printer.

Future expansion is possible on many models. Duplex / turning station printers which have integrated this option, automatically turn the plastic cards into the printer and print on the back in a printing operation immediately. Thus one saves Manual turn if plastic cards are printed on both sides. (this option is combined with all others) Like option – this option can during the pressure simultaneously encoded plastic cards with magnetic stripe (magnetic cards) magnetic cards card encoding station / read. Option smart – smart card / chip card encoding station this option chip cards can during the pressure at the same time coded / read. Option contactless – EM Hitag Mifare, LEGIC this option contactless card (RFID cards / transponder cards) can during the pressure simultaneously encoded / read. The use of a plastic card printer with a coding station (like, smart, contactless) recommend the use of special card printer software that is designed for the coding and design cards.