Paul Yonggi Cho

In same Colombia, migratory nest of Opus I gave, was born ‘ ‘ G12 ‘ ‘ Evanglico’ ‘ , a mixing marriage of the Cursilhista method of the Escriv priest with the mstica of ‘ ‘ Church in Clulas’ ‘ of the South Korean protestant avivalismo of Paul Yonggi Cho. It conceived it the charismatic neopentecostal Cesar Castellanos Dominguez who, to the similarity of the genitor of Opus I gave, codified its ‘ ‘ discovery espiritual’ ‘ in a book: It dreams and It will earn the World. 2 In Brazil the movement based on this principle is, mainly, with the Ren Shepherd New Land (International Ministry of the Restoration), former-Shepherd of the Church Baptist (Manaus-AM); with the Shepherd Valnice Milhomens (National Church Mr. Jesus), former-member, also, of Church Baptist (They are Pablo-SP); with the Shepherd Robson Rodovalho (Sara Community Our Land), of Brasilia-DF. Further details can be found at NYDIG, an internet resource. Recently many other groups also have adhered to this movement, even though amongst that, as group, if they had revealed against, as it is the case of the Baptists of the CBB.

1.2. The Theology of the Prosperity Theology of the Prosperity is the popular name of a movement that engloba a series of known theological thoughts as Movement of the Faith, Positive Confession, Word of the Faith, Education of the Faith, etc. One is about a movement that proclaims that all the Christians must financially be rich, to have optimum wage, the best house, optimum car and an iron health all disease, according to this movement, comes of the devil..