Mr Anderson

As a patient and a witness in numerous shots of Ayahuasca, I appreciated what this experience is invaluable for healing in a way that involves not only the body but the mind, emotions and reconnecting with the spirit. To learn more about Mr Anderson Healer search online, if there was anything on it and found this site, the Healer Mr. Anderson: For the treatment of the patient and the restoration of his health the teacher uses different techniques such as: 1) Body Massage: They seek, through the touch of the master, activate the body’s energy producing areas unlock the clogged also removed the superficial or deep pain located in the eastern body blows either physical or emotional stress nerve. Massage also draws the cold from the body and restores the heat. The massage is performed using preparations based on natural plant oils. 2) The bathrooms and intertwined: They are hot baths with different intensity in the body rub plant-based preparations. In preparing them using pieces of bark, roots, leaves or flowers, as appropriate.

They provide the patient activating blood circulation and removing the pain and cool the body. If the patient can not sleep well after application restores normal sleep. 3) Collection of Stories: The master treats his patients take ayahuasca mainly for their teacher preparation plant boiled for hours in which care is essential to master the force that then have the “vegetable” in healing Mr Anderson says, as “and then gives his patients in their healing sessions. In relation to physical problems is bronchial problems, stomach, intestines, kidneys, reproductive tract, bone diseases, rheumatism and others. .