Mediterranean Diet

It is known that the Mediterranean diet is remarkable in that has a positive effect on the work of the heart muscle, allowing for longer stay healthy. The percentage of “core” around the world is very high, so that any results research in this area immediately find themselves in the public spotlight. Scientists from the University of Cordoba (Spain) found that a diet product key, which bears the same positive effect is olive oil (green olives). According to lead researcher, Dr. Francisco Perez-Himenessa, his colleagues have found a link between obesity, heart complications, and basic components Mediterranean diet – in fact, olive oil. It turns out the whole thing in phenolic compounds, which are found in olive oil, especially if this oil is made from green fruits.

These compounds have positive effect on metabolism, preventing violations that ultimately lead to heart disease and diabetes type ii. During the experiments a control group of 20 people who have observed metabolic disorders, taking breakfast in accordance with the requirements of the Mediterranean diet. These “experimental” was allocated to 98 genes that are somehow related to the above diseases. Scientists proved that phenolic substances contained in olives, can “switch” immune properties of these genes.