Laser Eye Surgery Abroad

The foreign is always interesting for carrying einers medical treatment. Just in the last ten years, Turkey experienced an incomparably strong economic boom with their metropolis of Istanbul. The currency is amazingly stable and the economy grew steadily in the double-digit range. Currently, Turkey is the country with the fastest economic growth after China. The land between Asia and Europe has caught up in many technical areas for the advanced Nations, such as Germany. This counts especially for the medical infrastructure in hospitals in Turkey and in particular in the metropolis of Istanbul on the Bosphorus. Travel patients from Germany to Turkey for eye laser treatment? Would would have thought just a few years ago? Reality, however, is that more and more visually patients of LASIK surgery in Istanbul to give preference to a LASIK surgery in Germany. The price is decisive.

The cost for eye laser treatment in Istanbul on only one One-third of what you would pay in the home in an eye clinic. The ticket for the flight, as well as the price of the overnight stay in a 4 star hotel are already taken into account. This is a powerful argument of course, if you can save 2000 euros about laser eye surgery. And the facilities of the eye clinics in Istanbul in terms of the eye laser infrastructure are the hospitals, in the Federal Republic of Germany in nothing. “State-of-the-art laser technology made in Germany” are in the top hospitals in Istanbul not rare. In addition, the Turkish eye laser surpass the German colleagues in regard to the sophistication in the field of laser eye surgery to lengths specialists. Already in the eighties was started in Turkey, to treat visually patients successfully with the laser eye. Meanwhile, the wealth of experience of some top doctors is approximately fifty thousand oaks success operations. The extremely popular eye laser procedure is the so-called LASIK method, which from the older PRK method has emerged.