Largo International Airport

Cayo Largo International Airport provides links the island with the world, and developed infrastructure of hotels provides travelers the highest level of a beach holiday. Cayo Coco Experts say that the Caribbean is only a few places that are comparable in beauty and abundance of fish in Cayo Coco, sometimes called 'Giant natural aquarium. " Coral reef, where it is a dive, there stretches over 30 km. Cayo Coco is connected to the main part of Cuba's unmade road. The same road connects it with the other islands – Cayo Guillermo. Upscale hotels and four diving center ('Coco Diving Center', 'Blue Diving', 'Cayo Guillermo', 'Jardines del Rey') offer tourists enjoy the natural surroundings of the reserve and use a wide range of water sports, including dive. The amazing features of this resort on a scuba diving vacation turn into an adventure in the company with a variety of fish and other sea creatures. Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo are located in the north of the province of Ciego de Avila, 500 km from Havana and 600 km from Santiago de Cuba, and part of the archipelago of Jardines del Rey.

On Cayo Coco is a small airport to receive commuter aircraft. Santiago de Cuba area dives that "the most Caribbean 'Cuban province is divided into four major territories: Sigua, Daiquiri, Bucanero and Sierra Mar. It stretches for 150 km near the coast and includes many different points for diving. The coral reef here is acquiring unusual shapes, including barriers, mounds, scattered on the sandy bottom, ridges, shoals and Depression and the massive walls.