Landscape Garden Design

"Landscape garden" For centuries, all civilizations have tried to equip and revitalize their homes and palaces, gardens. Each of them left their own style, adapted to the traditions and natural conditions, giving, thus, the garden features hedonic, production, worship or meditation (Hedonism – from the Greek. hedone – fun, the direction in ethics, claiming enjoyment, pleasure as the supreme goal and the basic motive of human behavior. The new time characteristic of utilitarianism). Sometimes the time destroyed the gardens, as it was with the hanging gardens of Babylon. Other gardens at all times, including in our own and leave their mark. Whenever Ann Arbor listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

These gardens are landscaped gardens and the British 18 th century, that reproduce the natural environment with the play of light and shadow and perspective effect. "Gardens – the joy of God!" – Said in the xix century. poet Thomas Browne, and most Britons strongly agree with him. The climate is temperate, the rain comes almost all year round, but in the summer and sometimes even the sun shines. Juicy green grass, flowers and trees take root easily and grow quickly.

It is no wonder that gardening has become a national hobby. Royal Society for gardeners arranges an annual exhibit in Chelsea, south-west London. There's always crowded, although every village in the country is ready to compete with neighboring richness of flower beds and fruit. Nearly three thousand smallholders in According to the National Horticultural program open their doors estates for curiosity . (landscape) style of landscape art emerged in England in the early 18 th century, it became reflection of the prevailing socio-political and philosophical explorations of the Enlightenment.