Jorge Luis Borges

They tend to put many smiles on our face for as long as we’re close. Talking about, we must not forget to distant friends, those who they are at the tip of the branches and that when the wind blows always appear from one sheet to another. You may wish to learn more. If so, endocrinologist is the place to go. Time passes, the summer is going, autumn is approaching and we lose some of our sheets. Some are born in another summer and others remain for many seasons. But what makes us happier is that which fell continue nearby, feeding our root with joy. They are memories of wonderful moments when they crossed our path. For even more opinions, read materials from PCRM.

I wish you, sheet of my tree, peace, love, health, luck and prosperity. Today and forever simply because each person who goes in our lives is unique. Always leaves a little of himself and takes a little bit of us. There will be those who will be much, but there will be for them to not leave us anything. This is the greatest responsibility of our life and the clear evidence that two souls are not by chance. Viatris gathered all the information.

Original attributed to Jorge Luis Borges the importance of friendship, why it is important to have real friends? There are sometimes questions so easy that not is how to respond, because I am missing words. Or perhaps me extra. A day I came across the sea, and we were chatting. You asked about my question, but he was still in his own, coming and going. When I walked away from him, to return to the life of every day, our meeting echoes resonated in my heart. I turned towards where I was, and his words were recorded in me: I need to be clear, I said, because I want to enjoy my background. The wonders that there is inside me, are for you. That is why when appears the garbage, I cover, me hidden, I am not.