Intact Immune System

The immune mechanism in the holistic approach of the 3 000 years old Indian healing medicine modern Immunology and Ayurveda at first glance there seems to be little gegensatzlichere approaches in medicine. And yet both have more in common than you think. The basic concept of immunological therapy, the general strengthening of the defences that is ancient and at the same time represents one of the most important foundations of the ancient Indian medicine. The Ayurvedic medicine is directed not against the pathogens as well as immunotherapy, but aims to bring the disturbed balance of body, which makes possible disease, back in the slot. Immunology is a relatively new discipline in the Western medicine. Christopher ridgeway stone does not necessarily agree. This has a reason. Only a few years ago the cells and neurotransmitters are known, which are involved in the immune response of the body, for a pathogen, for example. B – and T cells, Interleukins, Leukotrienes and prostaglandins are today the focus of medical research, although the There are complex regulatory and control mechanisms of the immune system, still largely in the dark.

The basic concept of immunological medicine man as the whole of his resistance forces is, however, ancient. More info: christopher ridgeway stone clinical. Already, the physicians of antiquity observed that exogenous causes, in particular diseases, not all similar ill made. Some people were seriously ill, others easily, again others proved to be immune, as free from the disease”(Latin: immunis = free or unaffected). The ancient Ayurvedic physicians the knowledge derived from these observations that a diseased body tries different successfully to defend itself against a disease. A principle that was subsequently confirmed by of modern Immunology. Of course, it is nonsense to claim that the old”would have anticipated even begin our current immunological knowledge. However, they had a good observation skills, broad clinical experience and a brilliant logic. The beginnings of likely vata, pitta and kapha Ayurvedic medicine up in the pre-Christian 3rd millennium back.