Increasing Immunity

"Man is capable of great things, why should wish that he would change human nature, and turned it into harmony of disharmony. Just one man's will can achieve this ideal, "II Metchnikoff, 1908 Russia is 168 place in the world in terms of access to health care, and to speed the spread of AIDS – 1st place. Intestinal dysbiosis, often found gastric ulcer, diabetes, hepatitis, and as a consequence – the discovery of worms – the terrible violations of life safety factor of micro-organisms of man. They play an important role in maintaining the immune status of the individual. I must say that the problem IMMUNE STATUS – the number one problem in all world.

As with the immunity of human things abroad? There is seen a tendency to reduce it. European doctors do not associate it with the loss of beneficial bacteria. In Europe, strangely enough, there is no concept Dysbacteriosis general. So to get rid of disease, patients become free of synthetic drugs. As a result – disappointing statistics: in the U.S.

from drug treatment each year establishing the fact of complications in more than 300 000 and still kills more than 100 000. We have also advanced in the country, scientists – doctors have long found a negative impact on the treatment of chemotherapeutics and antibiotics. In particular, revealed that in the context of the treatment dies PROTECTIVE MICROBIAL lawn of the intestinal wall. His first individual layer of lactobacilli, which is everything else and still biofactory the human body. It allocates 75% of the vitamins, structures, each trace element and water, and highlights important for positive thinking proteins – neyropetidy – for the regulation of the thinking process. Selects material sanifying intercellular fluid. Involved in energy production by the cell. Their function – protection genome! Based on all the above and following the recommendations of the WHO Collaborating specialists of traditional medicine and health, Russian scientists IAELS proposed a revolutionary approach to health promotion with reference to the recovery of the microbial flora of lacto – series.