Ideal Weight

Want to know how many proteins are the foods that you eat? Provided that possible, remember to check food labels. But here give a reference so that you can take into account:-tuna (3 oz / 85 grams): 22 grams of protein – Hamburg (3 oz / 85 grams) 21 grams of protein – chicken (3 oz / 85 grams) 21 grams of protein – shrimp (3 oz / 85 grams): 18 grams of protein – yogurt (1 cup): 11 grams of protein – tofu ( Cup) 9 grams of protein – lentilscooked ( Cup) 9 grams of protein – 8 grams of Proteina-mantequilla (2 tablespoons) peanut (1 cup) cow’s milk: 8 grams of protein – beans cooked ( Cup): 8 grams of protein – cheese (1 ounce): 7 grams of protein – egg poached (3 oz): 7 grams of protein – soy (1 cup) milk 6 grams of protein – oatmealcooked ( Cup): 3 grams of protein not there is need to become obsessed with the accounts, only into account these data when menus armes, initially it may be necessary to calculate but as you can see that then you can combine the food to your liking without thinking much. Along with protein, remember to add fruits and vegetables to your diet and limits, without eliminating carbs altogether, since they are also required to maintain the weight that you want. And remember that the amount of calories consumed during the day, and the physical activity makes it, will remain important. The majority of people does not need more than a diet healthy, without powder, supplements, edicamentos or vitamins and staying active for losing weight and keeping it. If you have other questions or concerns about how to maintain your weight, please do not hesitate to consult your medical oa a registered dietitian.