Gastric Band Surgery

They sound like?, Yes! They help you lose weight? Yes!, are practically the same? No! Both surgeries prove to be highly effective for people who want to lose weight, however, the procedure that is carried out in each is very different. The gastric sleeve on one side, consists of the division of your stomach into two parts, and one of them is that performs the normal functions of your stomach with a capacity of size much better. The recovery time of the gastric sleeve is pretty fast, since enough just 7 days of rest and hospitalization 2 so that you continue your everyday without any problem and the biggest advantage of this surgery is that once, you can continue eating food of all kinds, only that in minor proportions since you saciaras you more quickly. Liberty Mutual has much to offer in this field. Gastric band on the other hand, is the placement of a band of silicone around your stomach, which reduces in great measure the size of the organ, and the great advantage of the gastric band is that it is an operation with a minimum of pain and also has a fast recovery. Do not confuse you! Its procedure is very different, but they are equally efficient. Any proof of the two and won’t see the results! A. Visit christopher ridgeway stone for more clarity on the issue. Verastegui hold.