Game Reviews

It is important to somehow different from other sites. This can be achieved by the use of so-called ‘visual decoys’. They may be the following:

Spelling of words in capital letters. For example – ‘GAME for playstation 2, game reviews for playstation 2, new,’ 6. Spelling of each word capitalized. For example – ‘Games For Playstation 2, Game Reviews for the Playstation 2, New’ 7. The combination of the above options. For example – ‘>>> Games For Playstation 2 – Game Reviews for Playstation 2 New Length header. Header length should be no more than fifteen words and sixty characters. Otherwise, increases the probability that the header length will cut and it will not look very nice. So try to do short and catchy headers. The shorter the better. True, in some cases, such as Yandex, may still be cut title here really need to test and customize the words, watch what will come eventually. Well, we have reviewed with you the requirements for header. Now let’s talk about the least important factor – the description of the site, which is located below the title. Put it in the tag. Long descriptions of a site should be a maximum of 160 characters, an individual (other than the other pages), are interesting and show the page with keywords. Key words or phrases should be no more than two, three. Use ‘eye-catching’ is not worth it, the text must be normal. Now you know how you can best attract the attention of search engines and users. In conclusion, I want to give important advice – test! Test headlines, descriptions, swaps words, do different ‘Eye-catching’ to track how a version brings the greatest effect.