Foods Good For Stomach Flattening

Life of modern man is in such a fast pace that we once even eat on the go, without thinking about how useful is such food for health. If you want your stomach has worked flawlessly for many years to Eat at least one product of the following. Med. Honey as a medicine is widely known, but it is also a remedy in diseases of public utilities. It speeds up the digestive processes, which will undoubtedly be useful for better absorption of nutrients substances. But only high-quality honey normalizes gastric juices. If the acidity is increased, eat a spoonful of honey before meals washed down with warm water, if you lowered the same thing, but only after eating and drinking is cold water.

It is known that Bananas are useful in ulcers. Enveloping the stomach, bananas prevent the emergence of new and help heal existing sores. For the therapeutic effect and prevent eat banana moist without exposing culinary delights. Chinese rice see figure one of the products useful for the stomach. And they are right, the rice is a lot of complex carbohydrates. It is nutritious, easily digested. Potatoes because of the content in it useful enzymes for the stomach may have in any way, moreover, even the chips for the stomach not vreden.Eti enzymes contribute to the restoration of the gastric mucosa.

Only now its caloric higher than that of other vegetables. So that the fried potatoes are not very useful for waist. But it can be boiled, and there is no oil. Oatmeal is a good help to keep the stomach from any ailment. The advantage of fiber content, which envelop the stomach contributes to its good work. Feta cheese. U.S. They found that Greek feta cheese is very good for the stomach. There are many beneficial bacteria to the stomach. These bacteria compete with pathogens. Why is it useful for cheese. When it is taken raw cooking milk, whereas for the other cheeses only use pasteurized milk to the stomach is very useful live yogurt and sour cream, milk drinks and still