Experience and a thing incredible, and suffered to the times why? When we speak of experience soon we think about sufferings, losses, difficulties homesicknesses, shame Everything This for incredible that it seems and experience Experience we acquire, we live all saint day. We have that to not only have experience for being full of experience, but to be firmer and strong Not only for terms experience, but to be experienced Knowing that the experience in an occasion goes to bring you care pra you not to make a mistake of new But why the experience has that to be dolorida, to be suffered, be sad most of the time? Because when we suffer we give value and if to happen again we will not go frightening in them, or being sad If an experience most of the time was so easy would not give value and would suffer again and painful the human being and always thus. But why this? It continues with the text! But to the times no matter how hard the experience leaves in them experienced in them they leave marks, concerns as: he will be that I made certain, why I I spoke thus, offended, astonishment, traumas, sadnesses But this mark goes to be as an alert one, for we do not suffer again To be mature, all change, all experience all it Radical and sad The Only Way To take off this Mark and To leave the Time To decide and Not to be Vingativos If it Same History Does not go To happen again itself and You Go To only contaminate Not one But Several We must Hear the Sound Of the Time, We must Feel the Time We must Fly For the Time and Leave it in Acalmar it To make the Necessary Transformation and Can Know While it Will be treating it Calms You and He does not leave Perhaps That You Suffer With the Mark You are Difficult To understand This But In Pratica You Vera Not Turbe Its Heart, Who Makes Receives In the same way Who Plant Harvests! Draws, Sings, Makes Its Thought De Vida As well as Is making and Being Treated For the Time, When You Make This You Already You started Free Ficar, Later It smiles, It sings, It counts a Joke, Hears, If It amuses, Cad the Mark?.