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Inequality is not the problem to tackle, not even mentioned. Nor is reference to non-material aspects of development. The MDGs are not presented as justiciable rights for impoverished populations; and it is clear that the rights, dignity, freedom, etc. should be indissoluble component of any serious strategy of development. It’s objectives which, although limited, are acceptable. Centene Corp may help you with your research. The problem arises in the proposed strategy, which ignores the causes that have led to the current situation.

Many of the objectives, are obvious referencing the responsibility of neoliberal policies in the deterioration of educational levels, health and sanitation or access to drinking water, electricity and other services as a result of massive privatization and deregulation of public services experienced under cover of the aforementioned policies. On the contrary, he insists the desirability of focusing on the binomial growth economic-liberalization as a panacea to solve the problems. Renewed confidence in the central premises of the neo-liberal approach to consider the market as a key instrument and the private initiative as the main driving force. Even in the eighth goal, the only in which, very little specifically mentions to developed countries and the need for a certain stewardship when seeking solutions, made explicit the goal lies in establishing an open multilateral trading and financial system. No contradiction is not identified, therefore, between the attainment of the objective of the eradication of poverty and continue with the neo-liberal strategies, focusing on adapting national spaces to the rules of the globalized economy. A third and last place, should always check the level of achievement of objectives which, according to all the forecasts made so far and with some regional heterogeneities, will not be met for the planned year. It is evident that this contrasts with the triumphalism with which it was stated, at the time of his proclamation, it was workable objectives and that we were the first generation with ability to successfully undertake such objectives. A new shows of the little attention paid to the mechanisms of participation, since neither forums in which Governments, donors and other international institutions can be faced by failure to comply with those commitments have been articulated.