Dos Santos

In its deposition D. Roxita it counts that it was led for the Deep one, for the world of the magic ones under waters, for a girl magic indian, called Mayara. From this experience, D. Roxita started to suffer what the scholars call chain-do-deep, giving to beginning in fact its preparation as paj. Its knowledge of cure come, according to paj, of proper the magic ones, Dos Santos and of Gods, who if communicate with it by means of intuition, dreams, vises.

Currently, D. Roxita already entered in the period of the menopause, but it explains that during the days where was menstruada he was not allowed to carry through cure, therefore its ‘ ‘ chains were quebradas’ ‘ , coming back the normal activities when only finished the bleed. It also explains that she must not have sexual relation three days before a cure ritual. 4.3. D. ZENEIDA RASP the woman paj that it started to be known in Brazil in 1998 and admiration awakes today and also quarrels controversies between academics and laypeople, sufficiently are reserved and of difficult access. I obtained to talk with Zeneida owner Rasp two times, in November of 2009 and July of 2010, after much persistence, and still they had thus remained some gaps in the research, therefore it was not possible to participate or to attend a ritual its of pajelana. Zeneida Rasp possesss dezessete published books, being most famous ‘ ‘ The Mstico World of the Caruanas of the Island of the Maraj’ ‘ (2002), currently in its 6 edition, where it writes on its infancy in Soure, the familiar conflicts, some events of the scene politician of the time, its initiation in the pajelana, some knowledge of cure, its sojourn in Rio De Janeiro, and other events of its life until the beginning of the adult age.