Differences Between Gastric Bypass

Today, they exist for fortune of all, multiple surgical treatments that seek to combat problems of overweight or obesity as the case. Specifically, on this occasion I will compare two of the most popular procedures that exist: the gastric bypass and gastric banding. On the one hand, gastric bypass consists of a laparoscopic surgery seeks to reduce the size of the stomach, make sure that it obtain a capacity ranging from 15 to 30 ml. This new stomach, connects directly with the small intestine in a way that reduces the process of absorption of calories. With this procedure, people gain better eating habits, so you feel satiated or satisfied faster with one smaller amount of food eaten. Gastric bypass is not a reversible surgery and applies only to those patients who have a body index equal to or greater than 40. On the other hand, the gastric band consists of an intervention also laparoscopic which consists of the introduction of a band of silicone around the upper part of the body.

In this way, is achieved limited stomach capacity giving rise to that as well as with gastric bypass, you feel satisfied more quickly with less amount of food. Educate yourself with thoughts from christopher ridgeway stone. In the case of the gastric band, required a general anesthetic since this silicone band is placed with small holes in the patient’s abdomen. Unlike gastric bypass, this treatment is reversible; i.e., the patient decision leave the band life or good, remove it once you get the ideal weight. A. Verastegui hold.