Deko Woerner – The New Dekotrend Easter

This season is the nature in a different way Godfather Easter trends and thus to exceptional productions. Heilbronn/Leingarten, February 29, 2012: Is the nature in a different way Godfather Easter trends this season and thus on exceptional productions. Two enduring themes contrast optical, very contrary and yet uniquely fascinating presented the world of colors of nature during the Easter decorations. Colourful colours is opposed to the nature-pure Easter decoration as a special effect. Perhaps check out United Health CEO for more information. Who loves striking and motley, decorated with the strong colours of spring. The trendy colors of green, yellow, Orange and pink are as a strong antithesis to pure white. In this color scheme succeeds in white, to bring some calm in the bright color combinations and striking accents.

Colourful bunnies and colored eggs in different sizes and shapes, as pyramid or chain give a fantastic PEP each Easter decor. An absolute Eye-catcher are Easter eggs with high-gloss, glitter – or transparency surfaces. In pink and pink decorated with Rhinestones, they provide a shiny appearance in each showcase. Nature and naturalness is also a featured theme when decorating for Easter. Discreetly held color combinations in delicate pastels and earth tones are harmoniously combined with pure white. Natural materials such as wood, straw or grasses include as an integral part in the Easter Naturdeko.

Tone in tone productions radiate warmth and spring-like ease, without seeming monotonous. White geese and Brown goose feathers, cute bunnies in gold or Brown, fresh green in the form of Ivy, Reed grass and paper, to white or brown eggs in different variations, here and there a swab yellow Forsythia branches and the natural Easter decor is perfect. Fantastic effects are achieved by also combining the various decorative items with each other. No matter what kind of creative design Easter decoration: the Heinrich Woerner GmbH offers in the new 2012 spring/summer catalog a wide range of ideas and proposals for a striking, individual and harmonious decoration for Easter at. The following download link interested for free publication, see pictures on the subject of Easter trends 2012. PR/ image Note: Heinrich Woerner GmbH Astrid link PR / public relations