Cure Cancer

The proven effectiveness of the Soursop to cure all types of cancer and many other diseases as diabetes, amebiasis, malaria, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids, kidney and liver disorders and antitumor is among other benefits that contains this delicious fruit, should not be confused with the custard apple or other fruit that looks like her, because it might be that do not contain the same properties although they are similar and recommended by its sellers as healing, there are 60 or more species family of the genus annona that belong the soursop and not all have been studied scientifically, nor found other heal equal, the following graph is that healthy to my friend. Regardless of the soursop has been studied by the Purdue Institute, in Indiana (USA) that supports your applications already mentioned, there are quite a few testimonials that attest to his healing power and it has been discovering that it heals many diseases and is also effective for weight loss. As a result of the previous publication several emails, I have come to request information or to enrich posted before with recipes or formulas for best results. All components of the soursop are to cure various diseases or health disorders, from the roots, bark and leaves of the tree, Peel the fruit, its pulp and seeds. For that reason must not lose the opportunity to sow dozens of seeds containing each fruit soursop which has also high capacity of germination without much care, can be planted as many trees as possible to have on hand this miracle fruit, because our needs continuously require of its healing power and demand more every day more expensive this product. In several parts of the Republic, found the soursop tree, we can see them lush in damp places, especially if they are at the edge of a river, your fruits come to weigh more 5 kilos each.

It must be aware that in recent days various types of cancer have been increasing, while in Mexico the cancer has become the third leading cause of death in the United States. Registration in 2009 an estimated 1 million new cases of cancer, and what say the diabetes that has grown at the same time in all parts of the world.Besides that, sow trees of soursop in greenhouses through serious hydroponics of best investments by its wide range of curative and high demand that has. For best results, you should consume in fasting the soursop, either in Smoothie, juice or simply savour it to bites, fortunately is very delicious and juicy sweet and sour flavor, of Peel green protuberances in the form of spikes without spines resembling the Cherimoya, inside resembles the anone or Cherimoya, but his flesh is almost transparent white color and its black or dark brown seeds and other fruits that can be confused are beige or white, you have to be careful not to confuse it, because you could be losing important hours, days or months without reaching the health. The soursop, is also known in other parts of the world with the following names: Guanaba, Huanaba, Viejas Zapote, head of black, Catoche, catuche, angering Annona, Cherimoya of Buckler, Sinini, araticum, jaca do Para, sorsaka, Zunrzak, corossol epineux, great corossol, araticulam SOURSOP, aka Guyabano, Graviola, Annona Muricata Linnaeus Sirsak, masasamba, jackfruit corosol, chachiman, huana huana (v. Shipibo-Conibo). epineux, durian cachiman Holland, durian maki and Thu-rian-khack..