Creeping Common

There are many types of grass around the world, many of whom are not artificially grown or are not cultivated by man. Among those many that exist, the man only cultivated a small amount of them. Among all types of grass that man can cultivate are types of turf for all sorts of uses: thus there is grass specializing in cattle for livestock food, there are types of grass used for gardens, there are lawn special types for sports and recreation, among other many uses that can have different types of grass. Among these crop types by man and have specific uses is the common creeping. Indeed, the common creeping is a type of grass very known because it has its own uses and its own characteristics. Let’s see some of these traits that enjoys common creeping.

The common creeping has several names. Thus, it can be found under the scientific name of Agrostis Tenuis. You can also be found under common names such as agrostis, creeping Dim, smoky Hay, among other names with which it is commonly known in various parts of the world. Anyway, one of the best-known names if it is of common creeping. The common creeping is called thus possibly because among all types of agrostides, it is that can more easily be to sow, is you can get cheaper and which grows possibly easier, since you don’t need both as other seeds of creeping in order to grow on Earth. The common creeping is widely used on golf courses.

Although ideal lawn for use on golf courses has been the turf of cumberland, since the latter is very expensive and not always can be kept, many of the golf courses they opt to use the common creeping to its operation, to be used only or that they choose to use common creeping by mixing it with other types of lawn as the same lawn of cumberland. last sta combination has given an excellent result in the fields of golf who choose to use it. The common creeping is also widely used in gardens that have a significance and special care. Since one of the qualities of the common creeping consists that you can mix with many types of grass without difficulty, this is combined with finer grass types for different gardens in an aesthetically pleasing manner. With the help of the common creeping combined with these types of grass more expensive and more difficult to maintain, gardens save many expenses in maintenance and investment still enjoying a beautiful lawn to show to people who witness these gardens. While the common creeping is a type of grass rather cheap for planting, should take into account that this demands a good maintenance. The common creeping does not tolerate well two things that make it to be somewhat tricky: first not well resists the constant stomping of persons. In second common creeping is not good to withstand the heat. his is a type of grass that will easily suffer when exposed to the heat of the summer, especially when the heat that there is dry heat. In these cases be must moisturize constantly creeping common lawn to keep it in good condition.