Clinical Examination

According to KUDO (1980), for the accomplishment of clinical examinations on the development of the baby the fonoaudilogo must have in mind different stages of the development and arrive at interdisciplinar, with aid of psychologists, neuropediatras occupational therapists. Orientation must be given to the parents not to superprotect its children for being fissurados, relating the importance of ambient stimulatons. Before the surgeries the parents of the fissuradas children they must be guided on the types of procedure that its children will go to submit itself, as for example: the types of cares that will have the surgery after, to guide them on the habit change, feeding and cares in general. According to ALTMANN (1997), the initial information had helped to tranquilize the familiar ones with regard to the type of carried through surgeries, consequentemente, will contribute for a good development of just been born fissurado. all the team to multidiscipline will have to be to the disposal for the familiar contact. We perceive then that the fonoaudiolgico treatment does not have to be interrupted in the period of the surgeries.

When the surgery is if approaching, the parents are guided to have a bigger care with the children, therefore to any infection the surgery can be cancelled, because with any problem of health it can hinder the cicatrizao of the surgery. (ALTMANN, 1997). We still saw in ALTMANN (1997), that after the surgery of the queiloplastia (surgery carried through in the lips) the doctors do not recommend the use of chupetas or baby’s bottle for a certain period of time, the feeding must balanced and be managed under the medical orientaes.). From the medical orientaes we wait that the postoperative one is tranquilo, propitiating a result of the satisfactory surgery. (ALTMANN, 1997). FINAL CONSIDERAES In this final stage, we perceive that the period of training in the Association Kisses Flower, in it provided a greater to them better knowledge of palatinas the carrying children of fiction lip, teaching it to us distresses to respect it for which parents and mothers pass when being in a public hospital.