Black Sea Beach

Everyone loves to plan their holidays well in advance. In the months before that date grateful we begin to imagine the distant countries. There is a place known to us, and sometimes leads us to the unknown and want new impressions! After resting, we throw to the laptop, pull out the camera and viewing captured images, re-living experiences. We show it to your friends to share their joy. In addition, we almost never think what awaits us at home.

At least mentally We assume that our friends came to visit us! And let's do everything that they loved him like we love it. There is a great likelihood that we set for ourselves discover anything unusual. An interesting excursion begins with the first minutes of arriving at a beautiful vacation in Sochi. If you flew on an airplane, Adler airport just win you the beauty of the surrounding mountains covered with greenery. Surprise eternal snow caps on the remote vershinah.Napoit and intoxicate the sea air.

Railway station in Sochi – a person of the resort town. Coming out of the car, you will be offered once a taxi, room or apartment, and excursions. Start your walk is possible from Station and go towards seaport. On his way you will see many new skyscrapers, which appear in Sochi, "like mushrooms after rain." Residents of Moscow and the Northern capital of Russia are buying penthouses in buildings under construction or sponsor new construction. There are new business centers, shopping centers, rental value of which increases with each passing day. But you've come to admire is not it better to enjoy the beautiful trees and around you green: oleander, magnolias, palm trees and bright colors of flower beds. And finally, you've reached the seaport, which offers an unforgettable boat trips on the Black Sea Most popular – walks catamaran Dagomys and Gagra. Yachting cost from (400 rub. Per hour) – a good opportunity to enjoy the stunning views of Sochi and the dip in the crystal clear and clean water. More recently, the majority of municipal beach is open for Sochi residents and vacationers now have the opportunity to swim in clean and well organized beach many hotels. Remained inaccessible beaches "Albatross", "Riviera", "Mayak". Escape from bustling city may be sitting on the train, next to Tuapse. And get off at almost every stop, you amuse yourself deserted beaches, and nebesnogoluboy seawater. If you have a car, you'd better go in the direction of the Adler – the beach of the Red storm ".