Australia: Sydney Travel Guide For Backpackers

If there were a Hall of Fame for Best Backpacker cities of the world, Sydney would probably be one of the first who surely would have a place. Australia’s world-famous urban center is a true collection of pleasures for the budget traveller, a city that has to offer both interesting architecture wonderful beaches, a vibrant nightlife and of course great people. Also, a stay must be really not extremely expensive. Hostels in Sydney offer the perfect accommodation. They are comfortable, very affordable and also social places where barbecues, pool parties and sport events take place.

Book your accommodation in a hostel and the key is yours almost to the city. The Centre of Sydney stretches the districts from Circular Quay to Central station. Backpackers spend inevitably a part of their time there, either the great sights to marvel at or around the growing Chinatown and Spanish quarter, an inspiring atmosphere and comfortable cheap restaurants to offer have to explore. Darling harbor is just the place for you if you after consumption. With a collection of shops, restaurants and bars, this is a place where you can spend whole days. The rocks, however, is Sydney’s charming and also somewhat taxi”part of the old town.

Here, you will find no glitzy malls, but this charming cobbled streets and a heritage that in that time of the ancestors dates back. Read more here: farhaad riyaz. Otherwise, as is the case with many other cities, a lot is going on in Sydney’s suburbs. Therefore Paddington, Surry Hills and Darlinghurst are worth a visit, especially for nocturnal pleasures. The most famous sights in Sydney the beauty of Sydney Harbour are food for many postcards for years. If you over the water across to the magnificent Sydney Opera House and looks to the Harbour Bridge, you quickly realize why this is so. Sydney is next to its port for more special Attractions known and staying in the city should also visit the Sydney Aquarium and the Taronga Zoo (if the budget allows it, of course) not to be missed. Natural attractions in Sydney visitors easily forget, that Sydney is the Earth in a beautiful place and although Opera House and bridge are certainly memorable, a day in the surrounding blue mountains can be equally impressive. The cliff walks are a wonderful way to explore the area. And then there is of course still the beaches. Bondi is known, although many locals recommend the 30-minute ride by ferry from Circular Quay to manly nirvana of surfers. No matter what you decide, both guarantee a lively atmosphere with surfers and drinkers, as well as sessions ends and party-seekers. Nightlife in Sydney Sydney’s night life is notorious for all the right reasons. It seems as if just everyone there takes a drink to himself and there are countless bars and clubs, to facilitate this. Bondi Coogee is offered, if you are looking for a bar on the beach, Woolloomooloo and the rocks, however, offer a selection of fantastic cosy pubs. At King’s cross, there are meanwhile, countless bars and clubs, but this area is rather the shabby. Be so be warned! Transportation in Sydney Sydney’s public transport system is noteworthy. They can go with buses, ferries and trains in the city, where they want – and don’t worry if you are should go once. The famous Australian hospitality ensures that the people on the street very happy to show you the way. Transport pass one can undertake with the 7-day unlimited rides on seven days the intrepid tourist can save to a pretty penny.