Athletic Trainer

A functional training to enhance performance in sport, a functional training to enhance performance in sport is called athletic training. Athletic training enjoys a long tradition in organized competitive sports. A cross-sports athletic training is becoming increasingly popular among the grassroots. Athletic training includes a functional training of the endurance skills strength, speed and endurance, as well as the basic movement coordination and sensory. It aims not to aesthetic motives or build as much muscle mass. The core objectives of the athletic training consist in improving the performance of the athletes, as well as a prophylaxis before injuries in training or competition by a better power handling. Not only professional athletes benefit from athletic training.

Also in jobs with high physical loads, the athletic skills play an important role. Peak loads in the workplace and in everyday life often are triggered typically by the lifting, carrying, pulling, or pushing heavy loads and in many Cases muscular not properly compensated. Here, too, an athletic training can contribute to the targeted performance enhancement and injury prevention of workers. “BSA-Akademie offers Athletic Trainer qualification” of course Government tested and approved BSA course Athletic Trainer “enables the participants to leisure as well as athletes with regard to a specific performance improvement (in sports or work) but also with regard to training measures for the injury prevention at high loads (E.g., training, competition, and professional). Thus for example, fitness and health facilities can opens a new customer group.

The part-time qualification will take place in the special BSA course system of distance learning and compact presence phases with practice-oriented units. Among these issues are part of the qualification: functional warm-up, speed – and agility training, training with the own body weight, slings training and free weight training workout with kettlebells. The next dates held in Saarbrucken by the Sept. 30 02.10.13 in Munich by the 15.11 17.11.13 and in Cologne by the 11.10.