Arthur Trankle

Healthy body full budget but the KKH puts it even one if the insured person can prove a healthy lifestyle. Arthur Trankle explains how that is going on: can the noncontracting insured by corresponding documents that he regularly drives sports gym with seal of approval or in a sports club, he can at the Gesundheitsplus’-annually lubricate tariff an additional bonus of 80 euros. Alternatively he can perform a health check at a pharmacy of their choice. If body want nothing mass index, blood sugar and blood pressure in left can be, there’s also the 80 euro.” In this way, you could increase the total bonus up to 300 euros per year. Who become a member in the course of a year, the bonus will paid out always quarter proportionally. The bonus is reduced of course the amounts which must muster the KKH paid. But what if a member health times especially is struck in a contribution year because an accident raises the patients for weeks on the bedside? No cause for concern, as Arthur Trankle observes: Then the Member has to forgo the bonus. “And in rare cases some paid more than 70 euro per year that but certainly will not be.” And also all preventive and precautionary measures available to the KKH insured, has to offer our health care system: the health check-up for insured persons aged 35 as well as all cancer screening tests, Zahngesundheits tests and other preventive measures.

Of course, all leave the bonus in full. As well of course is that family members under the family insurance are covered. Be taken and services for children under 18 years of age claim, which incorporated nor in the bonus calculation. All in all a super-system for those who want to do something good for your body and your budget also “, the recommendation of Arthur Trankle is. Who healthy living and the services of the KKH unused takes, can an annual extra income secure, that even grows with increasing earnings.” Freelancer survival: The health insurance of the Stuttgart also each new beginners would recommend the KKH offer. Additional information is available at christopher ridgeway. So those who so far have shunned an insurance preferably independent. Since 2009 applies to all who live in Germany,”a health insurance compulsory, reminds Arthur Trankle. Who not insurance and later even by doctors must be powered up, is forcefully asked to checkout.

Imagine times “before, you would have to pay to stay on a clinical intensive care out of Pocket up to 10,000 euros per day!” Every Freelancer should prevent this total financial collapse through a voluntary membership of the KKH. And he must do this than what each employee, student, or an apprentice can also do: simply select the KKH-active-tariff on and apply for the membership. And already the first attractive bonus already as well as on the way to the own account!” V.i.S.d.P. and your contacts: Arthur Trankle c./o. imPLUSSEIN GmbH Hechinger str. 40 70567 Stuttgart FON: + 49 (711) 90 10 fax: + 49 (711) 90 14 11 E-Mail: Internet: the company imPLUSSEIN offers its clients a sector – specific and group-free financial advice. The focus on a thorough analysis of the current situation, whose Resultate then serve as a basis for a comprehensive Vermogensmehrungs strategy. This strategy is based not least on State benefits, subsidies, domiciled and tax subsidies. The Executive Board has transformed in recent years about 38 million euro for the customers in private assets.