Alpine Complanatum

The Ore mountains in Saxony combines several natural landscapes the Ore mountains in Saxony along the Czech border every year many tourists attracts, what is no surprise thanks to its wonderful location. Located at the Elbe sandstone mountains not far from the Vogtland Ore mountains are feasible from the holiday landscape made several trips in the beautiful region of more so that you can discover the beautiful landscape of Saxony to quite. Suitable for all vintages and irrelevant whether in summer or in the cold season, a holiday in the Ore mountains is always an experience. Also a vacation trip with four-legged friends is very good thanks to the wide region, the coniferous forests, creeks and small rivers. Wide hiking trails traverse the entire region, so that you can experience a sporting and also vital holiday in the Ore mountains, where it was not always so Interestingly as in other shallow regions, but also for many holidaymakers.

Beautiful small settlements with some traditional ideas such as Mrs stone or bad Schlema bring the holiday guests Past of the Ore mountains closer to convey peace, relaxation and allowing so a relaxing holiday in the countryside. The former use of the region as mining region as well as the economic use of the holiday region have changed the natural area, which is straight out of a different landscape. The Ore mountains surrounds tons biotopes and mountain meadows which are elsewhere only rarely to discover. In the former mining remains an excellent flora and fauna is also found in the types way of example as the Kingfisher or the unknown Alpine Complanatum can be found. Also the Black Stork has settled holiday home again in after he was considered for many years across nearly extinct. On hikes and bicycle tours, you can explore the colossal natural landscape of the Ore mountains that hides lots of different sights and bastions, pervades the approximately on the tourist route between Zwickau and Dresden full Krune Mountains or feel the unspoilt nature on one of the narrow gauge railways. Mainly, you can bring the winter months relating to the Ore mountains. By the very well-developed ski slopes and cross-country trail networks, but also by the local craftsmanship. Moors, smoking man have a worldwide reputation and a like to use gift for relatives. Ingo Busch.