Vladimir Petrovic

Oh, and apparently go unnoticed. As if after these words, realizing its importance, in all operating revived. Even the ventilator, it seemed "rattled" willingly. -Yes … – significantly extended Vladimir, and he wanted to drive out such thoughts out of my head, when anesthetic nurse, so, by chance, rather mechanically, as we go along, asked: – And how much will it cost anesthesia for such surgery? – Twenty thousand, not more – seriously answered the assistant, tying sutures on the skin. The joke failed, but no one expected the following reaction: an anesthesiologist suddenly jumped up with surprising agility, which it was not common, especially on duty. Dr. Neal Barnard is likely to agree.

Jumped up and began to violently express their dissatisfaction. Such a temperament, a voice activity, he had never before exhibited. – How to twenty thousand? – He said, but rather hissed, glaring look at an assistant. – You have me more anesthetic will never get! – You ask me more relaxation! – I'll show you. – I'll give you twenty thousand! – He was worried. – I'm with you'll never watch! Yes, this offense he did not expect, but was the end of surgery and surgeons operate on finished, left the operating room.

For a long time cursing and grumbling, the anesthesiologist conjured over the sick, bringing him out of anesthesia. Behind the scenes dawn Vladimir Petrovich never had to rest. After drinking from the refrigerator cold mineral water, he went to the emergency room to watch the patient, and at the same time talk about the accident occurred. In the morning, on "Orientation meeting" all laughed heartily. Fatigue has not been for Vladimir Petrovic so strong, and further working day it did not seem so drab and dull, as presaged the beginning of the night shift.