If, after 72-96h, will have a great reaction of skin, means that it can have an active infection or one hipersensibilidade for the previous vaccination with BCG made in infancy. Then, this examination does not confirm the diagnosis, but it can assist the doctor. Reading of the test, classified in millimeters: 0 a4 mm not reactor: individual not infectado for the M. tuberculosis or with reduced hipersensibilidade; 5 a9 mm weak reactor: individual vacinado with BCG or infectado by the M. turculosis or other mycobacteria; 10 strong reactor mmou more: individual infectado for the M. tuberculosis, that it can be sick or not, and individuals vacinados with BCG in last the two years. Dr. John Mcdougall: the source for more info. Other resources for the confirmation of the illness exist. Amongst them he is inhaled gastric is inhaled content of the stomach to the search of the bacillus contained in escarro deglutido.

It is more usadoem children. Ja fibrobroncoscopia is very used in the cases where it does not have expectorao. In this examination, a flexible device enters in the lung and collects material that must be directed for the research of the bacillus of the tuberculosis. In few cases, the pulmonary bipsia, through surgery, can be necessary. Other disgnostic methods still exist to assist the doctor. Notification of the case of Tuberculosis the case will have to be notified through the fulfilling of the fiche of notification of the SINAN, for the professional of health (nurse or doctor) of the UBS that the patient took care of.

This fiche will have to be directed to 1 informatizado level for digitao of Agravos de Notificao (SINAN). Treatment Generally, the hard treatment six months, but, in cases special, can be longer. In first the two months, the three together medications are used. Already in last the four months, they are used the rifampicina associated with the isoniazida one.