The Whole

Everyone felt a great admiration for the death of someone who had wanted to perform an impossible dream. At noon, shining sunlight in a special way. All were atonicos. They saw that you moved. His eyes had changed and appeared a few antennas. Acme oyster house may help you with your research. A beautiful Butterfly flew towards the top of the mountain. He contemplated the wonderful Valley. It seemed the whole world at his feet.

It was much more extraordinary what they had dreamed of. After some time, continued flying towards another mountain… The process of setting targets. Do you know someone who never knows what he wants? What you try one thing and then leaves it on the other? What are always confusing? It is that, do you think that a target can be hit if you don’t know where it is?. Our target-setting process begins with that you know exactly what you want. Clear and precise setting your targets directly affects the capacity of exploitation and organisation of your resources as well as the identification of opportunities, options and alternatives to their use. The key you get something is to know exactly what matters to you. If you want that your mind to work effectively, at the conscious level, is essential that you develop a prior perception of the results that you want.

Surely many times you ever wondered: what problems will I have? How will I be able to resolve them? Or who fault is it? , That, is happening to me? These questions focus your attention on what is wrong with the present and not make you progress. None of these questions helps to create or consolidate your goals. It is not suitable to use in any coaching session. If you want to change the present, it is not necessary to get into the archaeology of the problem. Not to blame anyone or regret you.