The Problem of Unpaid Mortgages

In the last ten months in Spain late payment with credit institutions as revealed by Asnef sources has increased by 113% to reach a balance of 22.762 million euros. If you are not convinced, visit Eva Andersson-Dubin. The Spanish we have twice a year ago and objective data recorded by an independent body like the National Association of Financial Entities (ASNEF) provides no room for doubt, the credit standing of the Spanish media is critical and worrisome. The number of unpaid transactions grew to 4.9 million and an increase in outstanding unpaid amounted to 22.762 million euros. The main causes are increase in outstanding mortgage defaults. Culturally always indicated that the mortgage payment is the last thing left to pay.

With growing unemployment, declining savings and global recession was inevitable increase in the registration. The new situation requires a rethink their projects and goals for families. For historical and ideological nature of the real estate demand has always been growing. The paradigm of family universal home ownership and second properties in some cases led to a business opportunity for developers, investors, real estate, banks, insurance agencies, public bodies etc. And between the pressure of supply and demand above the price of the property has been overvalued exponentially.

Under this premise, domestic and foreign investors, companies, corporations and public and private agencies have taken bubble unemployment and even realize significant gains on macroeconomic growth have pondered his country in this sector. Nowadays, after five years of prosperity have joined various factors that have caused the feared recession and contraction in demand and can not afford another rise, organizations can no longer continue to provide liquidity, have lost appeal as a property investment and even Current assets lose their value. Families must change their priorities Against this background the current number of operations resulting from unpaid mortgages promoter many not have been subrogated, many families planned on many occasions that share were linear, their income would not decrease or that its members would accrue not in any lists INEM, has suffered a dangerous rebound. The response of the younger generation is to rethink their ideological models and opt for the rent be raised as the only real and safe alternative. Approaches are no longer long term, but in how to fulfill the obligations in the short term and often planned capital as inherited as a single way to obtain the precious property. Otherwise ASNEF list end up being one of the most comprehensive databases in the state. .