The Plastic

We make comfortable us on the surrounding rocks and open the wetsuits… Steam rises and our breathing also results in a slight mist. On the photographs are taken, the people behind a veil of mist can be seen. I wonder whether the plastic barrels have kept most closely? Yes, the snack has remained dry and meal-giving the energy most welcome. Julian admonishes us to make to the zippers of the suits and he’s right, it’s amazing how fast it cools, if you’re still there.

Now I feel like tiredness is spreading through my body and the first feet fall hard after the break. The two leaders of the caves but praise us and say that we are good at the time. This is again a very close Ver fall point back down to the bed… During creep through, I feel the rock on the abdomen and back. This is me through my head that something korpulentere people here would have no chance to come through. When I express this, Johanna laughs and says that thickness it anyway not up here would create. The water in the narrow gorge is me further wading up to the chest and the cooling is pleasant. The crater range comes in the next 200 meters.

Kolks are something like deep troughs in the Creek bottom, out modeled by water falls and boulders as grinding. I make sure, if possible not in need, but to stay on top, to save power with great strides. After the slack, it is again very low, we have arrived at the so-called washboard. That is so because the water has completely smooth polished the rock floor and runs in small waves in. So back down onto his stomach and robben. I hope that we will soon arrive at the 2 siphon, our goal. But in between lies a longer Ver fall line, which is only in arduous climb.