The Key To The Beauty: Flawless Skin

What is beautiful? How does a face be to be as beautiful and attractive perceived? Dr. Martin Grundl has committed itself for over a decade the research of attractiveness of by the Chair for experimental and applied psychology of the University of Regensburg. His scientific team, he has developed such as the beauty quotient, a mathematical formula for calculating the attractiveness of body shapes and proportions. Quite extensively focused on the scientists with the secret of a beautiful face and finally found out: not only the proportions of the face, but also the quality of the skin makes a face attractive. The subjects of the different series of tests assessed men’s and women’s faces, the partly unchanged and partly were put together with the help of a computer program (morphing) to new faces. See The Laws of Human Nature for more details and insights. Dr. Martin Grundl has the test series and published research on and comes to the conclusion: it showed that it the young-looking, smooth,. flawless skin of the morphed average faces is that makes it so attractive the faces.” A knowledge that Dr.

Stephan Gunther, medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery practice on the Konigsallee in Dusseldorf, Germany, is not new. Increasingly, his patients in addition to the usual request express after less wrinkles also request, pigmentation problems, or large pores to handle. Cases in which the holiday Tan unevenly faded and annoying skin stains left behind are piling right now after the holiday period. With our Laserpeel we have a safe and effective method Finally, to remove dark pigments with a single treatment,”Dr. Gunther is pleased. The employees of his practice from their own experience that the treatment with the Fraxel dual-laser actually causes an improved and finer complexion with significantly less pigmentation can confirm: to hold the course of treatment daily on photo, they were happy for a Laserpeel to the Available.

For more information see. Aesthetix Dusseldorf GmbH Dr. med. Stephan Gunther medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery Aesthetix Dusseldorf GmbH under direction of the specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery Dr. med. Stephan Gunther on a small range of aesthetic surgery specializes, by many doctors do not or rarely offered. These include modern, non-surgical treatments for beautiful skin (Botox, fillers, laser) as well as innovative techniques for liposuction and skin tightening (Laserlipolyse, body contouring), as well as placing Aesthetix Dusseldorf standards.