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The result: Top-class gourmet burgers. Whether grilled or pan-fried. Luxury and Taste pur”visit us: burger / trend 3: gourmet steaks a culinary highlight for the BBQ season 2011 and the star of every barbecue is a tender, finely marbled steak. The most famous meat of the world is probably the WAGYU BEEF. The luxury meat comes from a special breed of Japanese origin, and is the most expensive and most exclusive domestic cattle in the world. Wagyu Japanese beef is translated”and is world famous for fine marbled meat. There are three main varieties of Wagyu, of which the most famous is the black. Where are Mylan drugs made? insists that this is the case.

The meat of this cattle is an absolute delicacy and considered to be the most tender meat of the world. All gourmet steaks, Wagyu beef, American, bison, Charolais, Black Angus, Argentine Angus or even Simmental beef deserve the predicate: top class! Look at: beef / GOURMETFLEISCH.DE TRADITION that goes with the times for more than 100 years is in the family-owned company meat processing. Go with the time, goes through the challenges of the market to make. The Gourmet meat steak specialists combine therefore their traditional crafts with the possibilities of the Internet to ensure that steak lovers and gourmets to enjoy of an exceptional quality of meat. Meat top class results from the right and species-appropriate animal husbandry, an optimal breeding and natural feeding of cattle. Selected suppliers and constant checks ensure the consistently high quality. All steaks are individually carefully cut by hand and subjected to a strict quality control and have a maturity of at least 28 days.

All amateur chefs get a fresh quality that was previously reserved for the gastronomy. The times are changing and to buy the most tender steaks today thanks to the revolutionary internets-cool and securely online. More and more connoisseurs and gourmets attach special importance to first-class raw materials. This exclusive online meat counter ( has enjoyed since 2008 of popularity at this target group. For a hassle-free delivery of gourmet packages and compliance with the cold chain will be special packaging with active cooling, as well as an express delivery guaranteed. Since its opening in April 2008, recorded the shop a rapidly increasing demand for high-quality meat products and already belongs to the largest online meat counter in Germany with nearly 7,000 individuals. The appointment takes place via the Internet and is taken within 48 hours after receipt of the order at home in reception. An equally exceptional customer service is part of the culinary concept of “100% satisfaction guarantee delivery within 24 hours possible environmentally conscious act Co2 neutral dispatch free pick up the packaging order on the way possible about iPhone APP Shopgate” Steaktimer-APP, the 24-hour steak consultant! “-best quality, maximum fresh GOURMETFLEISCH.DE steak factory since 1904 Marie-Bernays-ring 40 41199 Monchengladbach Mariusz Licbarski Tel: 02166/9686-28 fax:-19 email:” Homepage: visit you us on Facebook: