Less Time Possible

Once a rupture happens I wonder how many times people have thought and said these four words, as my former reconquering. Normally, when there is a break in a relationship, during the first week or two get the courage a front saying to your friends or to anyone that you don’t care, you don’t need it or need it and are best alone or single. All your friends, family and people who you know say you more or less the same, probably tell you you’re right and that you are happy so as you are now, and that there are many more fish in the sea. But on the inside you say as regain to my ex? Is all well and good, but after the first week your heart comes to carve and tells you that he misses to your ex, is possible to have problems sleeping, you can’t concentrate at work or do your job, do not want to get out and barely have enough strength. Then, what you can do in this regard? If you would like to win back my ex?. There are some things you can do, and there are some things you should not do. Tony Ferguson shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. 10 things I should not do for reconquering former do not always must dream you should not send text messages constantly should not go home without an invitation not wait outside his workplace not must rely on its friends should not send gifts do not must hang out at your favorite coffee shop not you must write a letter you should not ask their friends to interfere Bueno, now know what not should do but what do to reconnect with your ex? Starts to make you notice again, at the moment that finds out that you’re in the city your curiosity will turn and will suddenly want to know more details.

The main thing is that you begin to get out and start enjoying life again, you must do so. You should believe me that at the time that learns you’re there outside living and happy your phone began to ring. When you start a conversation with your ex you must be polite, answer your questions, without much explanation, you are still wondering as win back my ex?. When should you invite exit must reject the first date (should not appear to have much emotion) tell him that you already have an appointment that day, tell him that you you would like to leave and ask him to give you a call next week to stay a day. When the second call accepts exit, pass a good time but make sure you don’t spend much time, remember that you must not give the impression of needing to your ex with all your soul. After that, let the nature take its natural course. This is what I did to win back my ex. Give a twist to your life knows the real remedy to win back your ex soon beam click: regain my partner.

Healthy Food Storage Tips

Microorganisms that cause food poisoning, the fastest grow at temperatures above +10 C. For the majority of microbes that cause food poisoning, the optimum temperature of the body. In such ideal conditions Salmonella and E. coli strains can double their numbers every 20 minutes. And then, just six hours from a harmful bacteria can get one million! At room temperature, they breed slowly, and at a temperature of the refrigerator (0-5 C), reproduction of most microbes is slowed down and almost stopped, although the pathogens did not have to eat pogibayut.Produkty for some time. Any leftovers to use within 2 days.

Homemade food can be stored a little longer, but it is better to eat no later than 72 hours after preparation. How to store? The safest and most economical way – going to shift bowl, cover it with cling film and refrigerate. It is important to avoid 'contamination' of ready meal raw food. The close proximity is unacceptable: pathogens does not cost anything to move from one type of food on the other. Empty, well-washed plastic containers, for example, from under the ice, can also be used to store the remains of a meal, but their useful life is limited. After all containers must not be put in the dishwasher machine, where the high temperature, pour over boiling water.

Over time, they begin to crack, bend. Pathogenic bacteria can settle in the cracks. How to deal with disease-causing salmonella bacteria most often found in raw meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, unwashed fresh vegetables, unpasteurized moloke.Simptomy: fever, diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, lasts 7 to prevent dney.Kak: Salmonella does not tolerate low temperatures, so keep perishable foods in the refrigerator, expose them to the most thorough cooking: boiled and fried well. Listeria is particularly common in prepared salads, milk, cheese, meat, poultry, soft syrah.Simptomy: similar to flu, bacteria are especially dangerous for pregnant women – they can cause miscarriage or birth of the patient to prevent rebenka.Kak: freeze foods to reduce the number of bacteria. Thoroughly cook food to kill bacteria. E. coli is especially common in raw meat, undercooked meat or underdone, unpasteurized milk, milk products, juices, Recent ovoschyah.Simptomy: diarrhea, possibly with blood, which can cause pochek.Kak prevent: the bacterium survives in frozen. But if you choose carefully prepared food in the refrigerator, its reproduction stop. Aureus in various produktah.Simptomy: severe nausea, stomach pain, sometimes to prevent diareya.Kak: These bacteria live on the skin. Once in the food they produce toxins that are detrimental effect on health man. Therefore it is necessary to wash hands frequently, cover cuts antibacterial adhesive. Clostridium usually canned, including domestic and cheese or undercooked meat, cakes, sauces containing meat sok.Simptomy: pain stomach, diarrhea, toshnota.Kak avoid: try not to cook in reserve, to eat food immediately after cooking, the remains quickly cool and clean the refrigerator.

Plastic Windows Need Repair

Most likely, you will not once noticed advertising and ads for repair of PVC windows and asked the question – Why renovate new plastic windows. Unfortunately, if you have installed plastic windows, it does not mean that the repair is finished and You can forget about it for a long time. Naturally, if installation was performed correctly and you correctly and wisely spend operation and maintenance of plastic windows, you'll pay in similar services, repair very rarely, or they do not apply. And furthermore, if the window under warranty during the failure, then company installer is obliged to repair the windows for free. When choosing a company should pay attention to what guarantee provided by the firm. If the company is not very or not at all well known and gives a longer warranty period (eg 15-20 years) – this should alert you. For it may happen that the window after 2 years break, and a firm from which you buying windows, do not exist.

And then have to re-establish new window. So check out a few times as the company works on the market, the necessary documentation and so on. By themselves, plastic window is very strong and in most cases qualitatively made, but installers can put an end to such as by setting the wrong box. After that it was some time warp, loose leaf begin to close, harder to move and restore these problems can only specialist. And this again will cost a tidy sum. But in addition to quality installation should also fulfill the basic rules operation and maintenance of Proper use includes regular wiping windows from dust and dirt, lubrication special lubricants moving parts design, rubbing seals a special liquid to make the initial elastic properties If you feel that the window transmits air from outside, the case is likely to supplies and it needs adjusting, you will be able to perform professional representatives of such services.