Juan Carlos Navarro

Since the month of November the Juan Carlos Navarro elite athlete dragging a nagging injury, Fasciitis plantar. Due to the injury, the last trip was lost to compete in the Euro League home of the Prokom. The case of the eave is any unknown, the injury seemed outdated, but has reappeared. Early symptoms arecieron during the meeting with caja Laboral, which prevented him from playing the second part of the same the next day and after appropriate tests, was diagnosed a micro tear in the fascia of the left foot. The communique of the club gives you between three and four weeks of absence. Christopher ridgeway stone will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Fasciitis plantar Fasciitis plantar is more common than we think among athletes, the level of demand by competition, the accumulated fatigue and the lack of prolonged breaks favors the appearance of this type of injury or relapse as it is the case.

Methods preventive that these athletes practice ranging from suede stretching programs stands, download of the short muscles massage and zone planting, massages in the inclusion of the calcaneus, application of ultrasound of pulsatile application, after the exercises routine, apply ice. The use of bandages prevents inflammations effort, also quite effective is the use of Orthopedic supports, such as side skirts for routine use outside the scope of the competition, which is when subjected to the body to maximum efforts. In the specialised centres as the center of podiatry at the Doctor Jose Manuel BRU, exploration of the area next to the functional tests allows you to diagnose accurately the degree of injury. Biomechanics assessment is essential, this is supported by the latest digital and computer techniques. In the majority of cases the biomechanical treatment usually suffice to modify the mechanical behaviors of the patient, rarely need surgery, without however if after prolonged application of conservative treatments, doesn’t eliminate the pain and discomfort, surgery It is also indicated, in the case of an intervention the recovery time is slower.

Morbid Obesity Surgery

I have been being 45 years old was Hypertensive and Diabetic, after studying it Decidi much to operate GASTRIC deBY to me PASS for 4 years; then 158 kg weighed, after fulfilling a series of consultations where it sent my surgeon to me, finally after the preparation realised a gastric By to me pass by laparoscopia, after 2 days of hospitalization I was registered, and there it began to change my life, to the month of patient already were lost 12 kg I lost very fast weight during the first six months arriving ideal weight that was 85 kg, (according to my doctor) to the 17 months of patient, from the same moment of the surgery I began to notice the changes, cures to me of the Arterial Hypertension and my values of Sugar in the blood were standardized; that is to say, it cures to me of the Diabetes, my life in even change, I began to feel well with me and consequently, with my surroundings, I began therefore to leave with more frequency, being visited tascas and restaurants, little by little it stops frequenting Nutrologo and it visits not very often surgeon. In view that ate and it did not increase weight, until he ate candies and spirits frequently. Thus I lived during these 4 years, today I am worried, I have noticed that in the last increases to 10 kilograms of weight 6 months, now what I do? This is one of so many questions that we received in our consultation, and every time with more frequency, we have found many patients who without a doubt they have had loss of important weight as a result of the effects of the surgery of GASTRIC BY PASS, and until cures of the diabetes like the patient of whom we talked about in this article, but many of them subsequent to did not attend but to the consultations the surgery. The Bariatrica surgery is definitively one cures for the Morbid Obesity and the Diabetes, BUT IT IS NOT a VACCINE AGAINST the OBESITY, is one cures that it requires to be taken care of and handled in form serious, responsible and with the trained multidisciplinary equipment in that very delicate handling for the operated patient of Obesity, the handling of the patient in the postoperative one requires of the protagonism of the Nutrologo and in important cases of the Psychiatrist, and the Bariatra surgeon. The Nutrologo would little by little guide the patient to acquire those new nourishing habits, like also the administration of the supplements of Vitamins and Minerals that it will require.

The Psychiatrist or Psychologist would help to that she confronts those changes. . And without a doubt the surgeon bariatra will be the tutor of all those changes who will undergo the patient. In our case we requested that the patient after his intervention attends the consultation control, to the month, 3 months, 6 months and the year and soon annually, we have observed that the best results of the Bariatrica surgery are obtained when the patients are constant and responsible in fulfilling the indications that the bariatrico equipment gives. It is important when you go to a consultation of surgery of Obesity I evaluated that she is sent in preoperative form to that multidisciplinary group that before includes the referred specialists, not only by exhibited here, but because each of them evaluated until the preoperative risks that can present/display.