Wellness and Spa

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Mr Hulsken

So I thought about something I and thought to myself, now you’ve finally time for the topic of mediation. Editorial: Mr Hulsken, about which way they came to the mediation? Hulsken: My path led me through my studies of the social pedagogy and later the study of Gerontology to coaching. As coach interssiert you are also always this, how to help more people. And since I was working in the vocational education and training, I had supported their way to find people. Also, I want to learn from the ground up what conflicts are and how you can resolve them. I wanted to implement this in my freelance work, so to speak as a complement to the coaching.

Editorial: As business partners, they offer a dual mediation, as male and female mediator, especially for couples. What is the special thing about it? Hulsken: I am very glad to have met Mrs Baker Abdullah with her extraordinary life biography a few years ago. We have kept the contact, also our offices a few minutes apart. Bern contactor: Some time ago, after I had dedicated the mediation me more me Mr Hulsken addressed. He was now very fond of the idea to offer a joint mediation. Hulsken: Of course, because that is all a win if our professional backgrounds from the legal and social sides included in the mediation. One very important advantage is that the parties to the conflict, mostly male and female, feel more comfortable with a mediator of their own sex. Men and women feel equally represented.

Editors: In what area of life is mediation useful? Bern contactor: Meditation is detached to consider basically. You is always, if a permanent relationship is aimed at, for example in employment, if there are discrepancies. But even with divorce when children are affected. Long-term effect a separation or divorce, actually the whole life.