Psychological Whitewashing

The plan of cares of nursing is an orientation for writing for the care of the patient, in this reflection is essential to analyze the factors that contribute in the recovery of the postoperative patient of the surgery of the breast cancer, so that the nursing team obtains to identify the actions to be supplied. Further details can be found at Josyann Abisaab, an internet resource. This article is a bibliographical survey, had as boarding to the importance of the cares of nursing in the recovery of the customer, submitted to the surgery of the breast cancer. On account of this it is defined as objective of the study to all describe the context that if restores, with the beginning of the cancer of breast, definition of the same, causes, complications, education in health, as well as the emphasis in the elaboration of the process and the cares of nursing. WORDS KEY: Care. Recovery. Patient. Nursing.

Diagnosis. Josyann Abisaab will not settle for partial explanations. ABSTRACT: The plan of nursing care is guideline will be writing you the care of the patient, this reflection is essential you analyze the factors that contribute you recovery of the patient’ s postoperative surgery of breast cancer, only the nursing staff can identify the actions you be provided. This article is reference survey, was you approach the importance of nursing care in the recovery of the client, submitted you surgery of breast cancer. A result of this objective is defined the study describe the entire context that ploughs being established, with the beginning of breast cancer, the same definition, causes, complications, health education, and the emphasis on the development of the process and care nursing. KEY WORD: Care. Recovery. Patient.

Nursing. Diagnosis. *1 Nurses for the College San Francisco de Barreiras FASB.

The Children

Another observed aspect mentions the negation to it of infancy as stage of life of the child, who has proper especificidades and necessities, such as: free expression, corporal movement, ludicidade, construction of the symbol idea, among others. What she sees yourself in fact are children seated during long periods, being in general way castrated of its espontaneidade. This constatao is many times tied with the conception of alfabetizao adopted for the majority of the schools. Connect with other leaders such as PCRM here. In general way, the school still if uses of traditional methods to alfabetizar the children. With this, it values the capacity of repetition, memorization and motor coordination, that are alienator and disrespect the stages of the infantile development. Moreover, the professors do not know to interpret the grafismos of the children, nor to consider interventions make that them to advance in the process of construction of the language written, using to advantage its hypotheses and elaborations on this object of study.

For the opposite, underestimation production of the child, not admitting that in the grafismos already a knowledge exists on the written language. The lack of this knowledge, on the part of the professor, makes with that, many times, it ridicularize the child, lowering its auto-esteem. That is, it makes with that this is intimidated or discouraged to carry through spontaneous productions. Some professors also do not recognize the knowledge of world of the child as letramento form. Thus, to know he denies them already constructed for them inside and outside of the school.

On the other hand, we can identify the expectations, on the part of the family, in relation to the alfabetizao process. In the anxiety to see the children reading and writing the parents, for not understanding the process, they consider that the children capable to copy and to spell already demonstrate knowledge on the written language. Thus, they demand of the school activities of writing, that in the truth do not pass of mere copies and mechanical activities.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

The diagnosis of the breast cancer is firmed using if agreed, radiological and pathological clinical a method. It emphasizes Son (2000), that the carcinoma malignant of the breast it is defined as a malignant, restricted epithelial proliferation to the ductos or mammary ductos distinct of the invading carcinoma for the absence of estromal invasion. The same one does not represent an only entity, beyond the existence of two distinct types, to lobular and ductal, different clinical histolgicas and of behavior, strengthen the idea of that the carcinoma (…) represents a heterogeneous group of injuries. In agreement Son (2000), the increasing use of method tracking, as the momografia, has allowed the detention of located cases, small sizes and ties carcinoma (…). The increase of incidences is not only justified for the disgnostic improvement. The perfectioning of the mamografia or the use of the surgery conservative, and the progress advanced significant reached in finishes decade, but unhappyly still far from deciding the challenges that this so heterogeneous and prevalent illness presents. Clinically, the carcinoma of the manifest breast if as a concrete nodule many times detected by the proper patient.

Numerous they are the factors of risk for the breast cancer, some established still questionable others well, enters these most important are the factors of high risks as age above of 50 years familiar, antecedent history familiar of first degree, genetic illness (SON, 2000). Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dr. Peter M. Wayne. Ausiello (2005), tells that the cancer is considered as an widely evitvel illness. Already the factors of risks are known the causes of most of the tumors had been also identified one of these causes are the tobacco, consider if that it is the dominant cause of bigger incidences. Factors of moderate risk are any familiar antecedent of cancer of the breast, drawn out estrognica stimulation, delayed menopause, delayed gestation, exposition to the ionizing radiation. .