The lines on the palms – this is the karmic marks of past karma (past life), present and future in karmic terms. Change the karma can only be the very life of man, his spiritual (and karma) by choosing between good and evil, good or bad actions and deeds, not risunochkom at their fingertips. Primitive man painted on the body images of different animals to obtain their properties and qualities: a deer – for speed racing, Tiger – for courage and ferocity, etc. Now this raises a smile. Many primitive people drew on his body the bull to get physical strength bull. But now everybody knows: in order to become 'inflated bull' (bodybuilder) be long and hard bodybuilders (bodybuilding) in the gym. Want the body of an athlete – "Pump the iron '(film about a young Arnold Schwarzenegger), and if anabolic steroids and hormonal (pharmacological agents). At Dr. John Mcdougall you will find additional information. Only hard work will make a man out of 'inflated bull' – the athlete, not a bull tattooed on his body.

That is the real work on themselves, rather than drawing can change something in my life. Arnold Schwarzenegger (the most famous bodybuilder in the world) for many years heavy and hard to lift weights. Of will he had enough. That will – the tool by which people can influence their destiny. Schwarzenegger has repeatedly becomes 'Mr. Olympia', then a famous film actor, then governor of California. All thanks to his own will, not tattoos.

Will in physiognomy expresses his lower jaw. Remember the movies with a young Schwarzenegger (his protruding lower jaw). The media was information that Schwarzenegger had surgery to reduce the lower jaw to improve appearance. Now he looks like a young man. But will they have left. It is thanks to his will (real action), he became 'Pumped bykom'-bodybuilder, movie actor and then governor of California.


In accordance with Pessini (2001), the process of abbreviation of the life can be divided in the following modalities:It occurs when it has an agreement between doctor, family and patient with the objective to finish with the life last it. Either by means of a lethal drug or of the withdrawal of device of breath, the interference of another person is active. The doctor or any occurs when person of the conviviality of the patient to all provide it the necessary material to the suicide, but does not carry through the final act actively. As much the active euthanasia how much the passive legally is forbidden in Brazil and legalized in some European countries, as Holland. It occurs when it is opted to the persistence in a treatment that will not cure or will improve the state of health of the patient. It is considered antiethical. This practical draws out a pain and can be compared with the torture. Thus, it is the therapeutical stubbornness where the medical technology is used to draw out penosa and uselessly the agony process and to die.

It occurs when, deliberately, the treatment of an incurable illness is suspended that would only draw out the suffering of the patient. It is the correct performance has freighted to the death (Pessini, 2001), the adequate boarding ahead of the patient who is dying, implies to guarantee to this patient its dignity and individuality. It occurs normally it are of the institutions hospital. One is about a needy death, before the hour. It is a category that allows in them to reflect on the phenomenon of the badness human being. It is divided in three situations: The great mass of sick people and deficient who, for reasons politicians, social and economic, do not arrive to be patient, therefore they do not obtain to enter the medical system of health effectively; Sick people who obtain to be patient for, after that, to become victims of medical error for imprudence, ineptitude or recklessness; Patient victims me – the practical one for economic, scientific and sociopolticos reasons (death in scientific, laboratoriais and pharmaceutical experiences, for the traffic of narcotics, sexual abuse, thievery, etc.).