Caring For A Cocker Spaniel

At the current moment to wish to select a puppy are huge opportunities. First and foremost, of course, a variety of breeds, which allows you to choose the best solution for everyone, with a variety of aesthetic preferences. By the way, if you prefer having long hair or bald, huge or tiny dog – you'll be able to make the right choice anyway. And yet, even after directly to how you got to breed a dog gets a nuance, where the right thing to buy doggie. Since it is clear that there is an opportunity and the nearest bird market to go and run around the advertising ads, and contact the nursery. Yet selection of the source heavily will depend on factors for which you get a puppy. If your dog shows – means best to look for a sobakovodchesky club and nursery.

In a situation when the same home, the Huskies cost – most relevant solution. In any case, the acquisition of dogs through the kennel is best because this way you protect yourself from the patients puppies, and in addition to buying a puppy with all age befitting preventive vaccination, and sometimes – and training. However, this will not mean that the dog will not need to train. We'll have more that – with the direct entry of the day. Because one thing – it's early life in kennels, and quite another – the development of housing for families and orders. Therefore, if you decide to take the house shaggy pet, remember to regularly care for them, especially in the very first for a number of weeks. You can not just pick from a wide range Cocker Spaniel without a pedigree, it is necessary to approach the child as a this baby, you want to interpret all the details of behaviors in specific provisions.

And, like any kid, often have to interpret twice or thrice. And make a choice in the direction of this kind option as pugs for sale, you need to mentally prepare for this, which will require considerable work. For example, if you bought a puppy in a dog kennel, be sure you want to see to what exactly he Situations acclimated. Because in different nurseries varied requirements: somewhere puppies all day long at large in a large paddock, and the fresh air, and somewhere else – in a relatively medium-sized cells in a completely closed building. In any case, it is important to initially provide a more natural way of life for the baby so that he soon got used to the other indicators and did not feel nervous tension. Besides, no matter what breed you have not picked up, Stay prepared for the fact that not all dogs are, without exception, positive approach to direct contact with people. It depends on the personal details of disposition of a dog, and the level of contacts in the nursery. Establishing contact with the puppy will be implemented gradually. And gradually, you will know each other better.

Small Dogs World

Throughout the world’s smallest dogs, Chihuahuas are recognized and our domestic breeds – Russian Toy. They are very similar, but at the same time, very different. Russian toy – it’s our domestic breeds, and is considered to be proud Rossii.Staroe name – Toy Terrier, Russian Toy Terrier, Moscow Toy Terrier. This nifty little dog on high legs, kvardratnogo formata.Toi exist in two varieties: smooth and rough. Popular color – brown / tan, red of any shade, black / tan, fawn, and rarer blue / tan.

Weight up to 3 kg, the ideal – from 1.8 to 2.2kg. Among the variety of Russian Toy is often very small dogs, which, literally, fit for ladoshke.Suki melnogo size, given the right pair can deliver puppies by themselves without surgery vmeshatelstia.Otsyuda and take – ‘crumbs on the palm’ character of Russian toev.Pochemu something there is a perception that they are ‘brehlivye’. ing through. It is not connected with the breed, but a personality of a single individual. There are ‘gavkuchie’ and POI, and Chihuahuas, and Yorkies, and any other dog dwarf porody.Zvonkie – yes, that is why they are good storozha.No is not the point. Toy terriers are very affectionate, tender, touching, loyal and smart dog. A distinctive feature – the sensations are reminiscent of small detey.Prekrasny companion for those who lack communication, love and attention. Chihuahua is considered to be the smallest dog in the world.

Size and weight to it can compete only Russian toy.Eto compact dog with a square format. Females let a little long body. One of the major rock-forming characteristics golovy.Cherep form must be characteristic yablokoobraznoy form. Topline pryamaya.Hvost moderately long, lifted up and carried in the form of a sickle or slightly bent, with the tip of the tail directed strictly along pozvonochnika.Po the coat chihuahua classified into smooth and dlinnosherstnyh.Priznayutsya all colors and their variations. Ideal body weight from 1.5 to 3kg. But allowed the dog and with less weight. Chihuahua Dog dwarf breeds have a stable mentality, careful, cautious, clever, a little jealous. Some species are very brave, ready at any moment, rushed to defend hozyaina.Prekrasno coexist with other animals, adore the host. The distinguishing feature – a small, but the nature of this dog!