The conversation is recorded: newbie Alexander Brand Funny post. Ensued as a favorite Skype correspondence with a colleague. Dr. Neal Barnard contributes greatly to this topic. A colleague likes all zhivotinku. So, its recent acquisition – a rabbit. So he complained that this zhivotinku eats everything, including paper. Glenn Dubin recognizes the significance of this.

I put forward the idea that if he (the rabbit) to slip some sort of smart paper, and even suggest that he will not be easy to chew, but also carefully read, you can get from He qualified and intelligent specialist, if successful, raising new specialist will be reduced to buying a rabbit and feeding him the latest versions of documents that we write in large quantities to customers below shows the correspondence and collage (normally fotkat rabbit did not. shy, ran, nervous … We thought that if they catch him taking photographs, then it is not the fact that the catch for delivery foty, and took a photo photogenic rabbit from the Internet.) It is important to understand that the joke was born in the correspondence itself: 23:15:48 Colleague: my rabbit eating paper contagion 23:15:48 Alex: horror! 23:15:51 Alex: hare?? 23:16:11 Colleague: Yes near hare not put the contract – in time will eat 23:18:02 Alex: buy another shredder in the office and do not need 23:18:14 Colleague: (rofl) 23:19:01 Alex: listen 23:19:10 Alex: and he reads the docks, kada their hawala? 23:19:42 Colleague: ie do you think that if it prizhmut, he will tell all? 23:19:53 Alex: no … 23:20:05 Alex: You can do it konsalteram Process! 23:20:12 Alex: he fed the docks on our project for 1500 pages. Will Kru one special rabbit eating is an important document (like rules). Reading, watching.

The Competition

Philologists of the future will not be quite serious study of poetry, published on the site. It is momentary. And in eternity can only enter by typing his poems in a book published, including in our poetry collections. And we given a chance to several thousands of contemporary Russian, not afraid of the word poets. Yes, the level of poetry in the competition is very different. Yes, there's frankly weak work, but we got such a powerful slice of modern Russian poetry, and that for that alone I would have put us a monument. About the monument course I'm kidding.

But it is very important. We gathered at the site and in the collections of all that was at the table and pylilos attics, that was not available to the general the public and we now have in hand a document – here it is a modern Russian poetry. That's what they think people today who write poetry in Russian and that's how they write. We wonder send their almanacs for higher education institutions and libraries. We want these verses really got into the history of Russian literature. In order to get them noticed philologists and teachers of literature and it is possible that some of the authors of our poetry really will be opened by experts and will take its rightful place among Russian poets. Not variety that will go down in history texts today, and these poetic lines. Maybe I say a bit pompous, but I say what I think.

The Event

A third reason was parallel to the Palace, before its facade and led to understand. However, their plans never survive. To build an underground labyrinth, in the opinion of the historian, at that time was completely on the shoulder. After all, construction of the city were sent to 12 regiments. And what they did, and so remained unclear.

While scientists were at a loss, I decided to search the moves themselves. At the town forum gorod.dp.ua about abandoned my theme broke hot debate. Dispute "Neighbor: – At the hospital, Mechnikov in place of surgery, was a chapel. There was a move in the direction of the cathedral, but the end could not go, after 100 meters rested on the masonry. Paul: – 30-35 years ago, the entrance to the shelter yet was, but right now with a tram you can reach only a small part in it, then laid down and painted, a la the way it should, but in general it is great. The entrance was still on Fucik, littered with half …

Potemkin tunnels could easily 'militarize', so that get to them is not so easy to be and it is unlikely they will have an initial appearance. Vitaly: – … in the event of mobilization of storage were built there under the ground for the rapid deployment of the army. These things were built under the guise of subway construction. This is in all cities where there are underground. Novice: – Hoda really is. With friends 3 times down.