Symbols Cross

The cross symbolizes the union of Heaven and Earth, the Tree of Life, a sacred place that combines space and time. This is one of the most beautiful and ancient symbols. Before becoming an identification mark of the Christians, and then their symbol, the cross was undoubtedly one of the most ancient and universal magical and mystical symbols. He represented the orientation in space, as well as contact or association, which involves two worlds, two opposing forces or cross – the top and bottom, heaven and hell, right and left, good and evil. Such a crossing of the elements – heaven and earth, visible and invisible, divine and human – is the beginning of union, unity and achievements, which may occur in man, if he identifies himself with the cross, will be with him as one.

It turns out to be a point of meeting the energy of vertical and horizontal. Cross, connecting on one side, north and south, is vertikalnuyu world axis, the cosmic tree, the Tree of Life. On the other hand, connecting the east and west, it represents the plane of the horizon: rising above the lights and people live under it, they go to sleep or death. The vertical axis of the world, thus, passes through the center of the horizontal axis. From their point of intersection there was a division into four seasons and four elements. Further, by placing a cross, which is also the image square inside a circle, the man realized the significance of the circle and created the wheel.