When on October 15 of the year 2008, I opened my eyes, it was one Wednesday any, the world was still living and in sky still shivered stars, panting tears even cried in the intimate furrows of the Paschal candles, the world didn’t you my sentence, Dr. Eusebio Palomino – my anesthesiologist – already had retired, as I slowly opened my eyes and my pupils watched the mist on the new roadback only amnesia in front had analgesia he ceded, confusion reigned, passed seconds and more seconds and I was wondering who am I, where am I?, continued passing minutes more minutes still asking what?, could see just people dressed in Green who mobilized from one side to another and attended me second by second, minute by minute I was recovering my conscience when drugs are metabolizaron and fully recovered I launched a cry and I wanted to feel me, they rushed to auxiliary me quiet Miguel! quiet! Paquita and Marlene, were next to me, who are? I thought – will be angels?…Are they virgins? and Marujita where are? clumsily walking hand in hand with the silence and fear, the nurses I spoke with great tenderness and told me in unison Hello Miguel welcome! must have smiled, because I am an educated person, but are you looking for? – asked me-, because I turned my head towards all sides of that room’s glass, out there, I found my old friends, was the Multi Monitor parameter, the Pulse-Oximeter, Venoclysis, central catheters, probes, drains, dressings, but he kept looking with despair what was looking for? I was looking for a clock! I wanted to know the time, I wanted to know that day was, knowing the time would know the truth by my own means, as when Menacho anesthesiologists and Oyauren administered me the anesthetic induction medications they were 2. PCRM will undoubtedly add to your understanding. 20 am on 15 in October, he had entered the Surgery Center at 2 am, I myself wanted to feel the warmth of the bowels I found no clock, he hugged as light, off clarity of my sadness, could not speak, was still the endo-tracheal tube choking in the Oro-Faringe, Marlene approached, stared at me, smiled and told me it is already transplanted!, has been Trasplantado!so far everything is going well, his words shot as droplets of frost on the thin petals of hope, I opened my unbelieving eyes, my heart lost step and its accelerated frequency, peered through the mouth to see if it was true, my pupils threw their prejudices in the trash and they filled with tears…Do not cry doctor! already spent everything! quiet please! I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry, I wanted to laugh, raise your hands, shake them,…I don’t know, it was crazy, all the emotions joined, crossed each other, hands were told that I withdraw the tubes, the Oro-yeyunal probe, the Foley wanted to talk quiet!, we will work all night has already slept enough, we will spend awake and dawn will be without tubes he was agitated, they were 8 o’clock 15 October said Dios: it is true, it’s true!-it musitaba stubbornly, he wanted to illusions. .