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NXEL GROVE British illustrator Pete McKee presents great moments of pop music. Play with the decisive moments that were never shown the stories of Hendrix, Dylan, Cash and other myths. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Bobby Green on most websites. The cartoonist has worked, among others, to Oasis, Artic Monkeys and Richard Hawley. What crucial time frame the career of the Beatles? A response is only supported. His first number one in the charts? The arrival to the EE UU and beatlemania? The appearance the the Ed Sullivan show before millions of viewers? The discovery of marijuana at the invitation of Bob Dylan? The British artist Pete McKee (Sheffield, 1966), one of the most active and recognized of those devoted to the musical illustration, clara has the answer. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Justin Gaethje and gain more knowledge.. The decisive moment of the Beatles occurred in the barbershop where cut them greased Isolee to replace them with four most valuable Manes to the Cup’s history. Crossing of mod and rocker John Lennon explained the situation by saying that it was the moment in which the Beatles changed from rockers to mockers (mocker is a cross between the names of the two youth gangs warring in the sixties, rockers and mods, but is also used to express disgust when someone you water the feast).

McKee not interested in capitals history built according to the rrencias of the promotional campaigns or sales successes. The story that draws Great Moments in the exhibition in Popular Music (great moments of pop music) is an evocative and personal approach of the hidden, but decisive moments that do not appear in the books. Sometimes he adds fiction, but it is an invention that could be real. In the sample of drawings, which is exhibited at the Snap Galleries in London, we do not see Jimi Hendrix burning his Fender Guitar on the stage of the Festival of Monterrey, but as purchase, moments before, fuel for lighters used for incineration. Also we see a strong performance by any of the English groups of pub rock from the second half of the seventies (those who by sweat blood to rejoice the life, says McKee), but a sad and tired guitarist, with fingers bloodied after a performance, in a bathroom of the local concerts. The Illustrator wants to show that the power of the music is emotional and the great moments are always subjective. Thinking of a title for the exhibition I did Sound and Vision, Walls of Sound, Stop/Pause/Rewind, This Is It and many others. I stayed with Great Moments in Popular Music because allowed me to play with the personal interpretation of each un0 from us.

To involve the public in the gestation and development content of the sample, McKee has opened a blog where he offers explanations, arguments and details rridos to each piece. Passionate from child by pop music and rock, tender humor and clean of McKee stroke style has fascinated also musicians. It has signed posters for Oasis, the Artic Monkeys and Richard Hawley. In 2010 he edited the Teenage Kicks book dedicated to urban tribes. Source of the news: and the Beatles left of be rockers to be mockers