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Note: The oxygen ionisation is often confused with the air ionization. At the Oxygen ionization is not only the oxygen in the air we breathe is ionised, but also produces oxygen. For these reasons, a Sauerstoffionisationder air ionization effect quality is far superior. Color light and sound-a wonderful combination that good for you. So you feel completely comfortable. Colors and sounds work stimulating and vitalising effect or soothing and relaxing. We combine all SalinVita applications with colours and sounds and to touch the senses. Experience the fascinating effect of colored light and atmospheric music.

Color, time and sequence work in the area and affect the psyche and organism. Dynamic color changing fascinate the viewer through harmonious appearance of changing light colours. SalinVita offers light into the colors of the spectrum and the atmospheric effect of slow color transitions with color light sky. Light and sound round off the concept of the SalinVita Salionariums to a unique experience. DEEP heat SalinVita – Salionarium. Break from the daily routine. The wavelength of the Infrared radiation is similar, with the body and the Sun but without the harmful UV component.

Deep heat heats the tissue without heating the surrounding air with. The body can sweat gently and purify, without having his circuit is excessively burdened. The energy is exactly matched to the energy of the body that the body absorbs up to 93% of the emitted infrared radiation. 80% of the applied energy warm the body directly, only 20% heat up the air. The infrared rays penetrate deep into the tissue and cause a deep warming effect in the skin and muscle tissue. The skin pores are enlarged to the lower layers of the skin and are open to detoxification and more absorption of oxygen and air components… The effect of deep heat favors the saturation of moisture through the foggy brine in the skin. It is regenerated after use and feels soft. Many more information see, or call simply and without obligation Prospectus materials with us on. We are looking forward to your enquiry. Lothar Maletz Managing Director MenoShop of trade & Services GmbH WELLNESS specialist