In the following article note the importance of differentiating plastic surgery and aesthetics. The first term describes him as the branch of surgery which deals in remodeling any part of the human body affected by injury or deformity; on his part the aesthetic intervention, constitutes a technique to correct imperfections such as for example plastic surgery for burns or change the contours of any part of the figure of an individual. Among most frequent aesthetic surgery interventions are: – Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) – oroplastia (remodeling of the outer ear) – blepharoplasty (removing excess skin and fatty tissue of the eyelids and eye area) – stretch (lifting) facial to make disappear the signs of aging – lifting, reduction and breast augmentation, etc. With the growing popularity of cosmetic surgery since the 1950s, plastic intervention has identified erroneously with the aesthetics. In reality, only a small percentage of plastic surgeons are limited to the practice of aesthetic operations. Questions prior to an aesthetic intervention patients, there are many questions that patients around the world, are formulated: how shall I stay? Will it change my face? The answer is no, the face does not change only works with small details in the parts that the surgeon and the patient they agree to be corrected, the types of implants cheek is a clear example of these interventions. Do I’m going to miss much time at work? Short periods are that you need to recover and incorporated into their work. Do I will go back to fatten where I made liposuction? Lol Dietary and physical care that must be kept after one liposuction procedure changes resulting in fibrosis and scarring in the intervened area make this not happen.

I’m going to lose sensation in my breast if I operated them? There are temporary anesthetic zones by the dissection that is done but then at the end of a few months recovers in its entirety, this occurs in the surgeries of the breast augmentation recovery. My life at risk during surgery? All surgery or act in life has its risks, just do so in appropriate sites where count with the necessary means to solve an eventuality and have a surgeon, anesthesiologist and professional and qualified personnel make that these hazards decrease. Although recently the demand came only from women, increasingly more men are looking for a change. The most commonly used by men Mentoplasty: surgery is to reform or rebuild the size of the Chin. Cheeks: The facial environment harmonization. Facelift or facial rejuvenation: is a surgical intervention to repair withered, wrinkled and sagging skin on the face and neck that occurs by the passage of time, a poor diet or also by hereditary tendency. Liposculpture or aesthetic correction of poorly localized fat: are you known as surgery without a scalpel.

Abdominoplasty: or correction of abdominal Striae. Phalloplasty: increase the size of the penis. Gluteoplasty: For the increase or the butt lift. Rhinoplasty or modification of the line of the nose. Ritidoplasty: smoothing of wrinkles in any part of the face. Blepharoplasty: eyelid surgery.