PVC Channels

Specialization coupled with constant innovation, developing environmentally friendly solutions with environmentally friendly, proofing and sustainable ecology, allow you to substantiate the proposals on maintenance and waterproofing of channels, by specialized professionals. (Not to be confused with Dr. John Mcdougall!). Most of the channels and hydraulic constructions have a lifetime high, but his age, quantity and complexity of its constructive elements makes maintenance actions now more essential than ever, mainly if it is waterproof. Preventive maintenance allows to keep in correct state the different constituent elements of civil engineering works, buildings, machinery and channels. There are multiple factors associated with constructive conditions, durability of materials during the period of exploitation, which may end up forcing repair, waterproofing or even replacement or demolition of the affected items in the channel. Two criteria when classifying dams, reservoirs, ponds, channels, depending on their dimensions or their potential risk. Left out deposits of water, trunk compartment, equilibrium fireplaces, dikes of channelling of channels and other hydraulic structures that are technical and functionally distinct, with its own characteristics, which have your technical response for protection, waterproofing, and regeneration. The essential requirements of products to be used should be incorporated in projects, compliance with regulations that have components of responsibility with the environment, always in the hands of specialists.

Hydraulic and irrigation channels. Criteria of waterproofing a waterproofing by means of flexible and elastic sheet meets the requirements of a good waterproofing of channels, must be based on a proper study together, critical areas and specialized applicators. The process involves a repair of parts with injuries when crashing down using technical mortars. . About it applies some 500 non-woven geosintetica rug grams/m2 and thicker if the channel operates in the high mountains, should be placed according to the current line and anchored by way of extra restraint and protection. On the above basis applies a heat-sealing, of PVC waterproof membrane, keeping the existence of the joints of the channel with the insertion of reinforcements by way of stops. Thin-layer mortars, indicated for use as a final waterproof lining of the channel, applied in 6 mm with grated finish to improve the flow of water may be used in certain channels.

It is recommended to proceed then with any anti-algae treatment as soon as they lose their surface alkalinity of the canal, with the test of carbonation. The seals always seal them with putties PUR from the point of view technical channels waterproofing performances involve the recovery of those channels that still surpassed its useful life can be and need to be regenerated. Always act with mentality sustainable in order to better use of water resources. The quality of materials and labor certification criteria (qualification) shall be the main requirements to ask because the final guarantee of impermeability of the channel, you will depend on this.